Your Committee

Take a look at the committee for 2017/18. Half will change in November and the other half In February, keep an eye out for info about elections if you want to get involved!

Aizaz Hussain
Hall Chair
Hey guys, I'm Aiz and I am your Hall Chairman. My role is to lead and manage the committee of Hazlerigg-Rutland Hall (also known as Rigg-Rut) and take care of all our students. I represent Rigg-Rut in the Hall Students Federation amongst other Hall Chairs and Section Heads, ensuring that every single one of you has the best university experience that Loughborough is famous for. Feel free to drop me or any of my committee members a message if you want to know how to get involved with the only hall on campus that actually feels like a family: the small and mighty Rigg-Rut!
George Carter
Vice Chair
I’m George and I’m your Vice Chair and PAAR rep. My job as Vice Chair mainly consists of supporting other committee members and the hall chair. As your PAAR rep I support placement students, affiliates, alumni and returners. You can always contact me about anything hall related during your time in Rigg-Rut.
Alex Harvey
Male Sport Sec
I’m Alex and I am one of your sport secs in Rigg-Rut. This involves selecting squads for IMS matches and one-day events, along with organising training sessions for the hall. IMS is a massive deal at Loughborough, so don’t be afraid to get stuck in. Feel free to drop me a message over Facebook if you have any questions.
Charlie Metcalf
Male Sport Sec
Hi, I’m Charlie and I’m one of your Male Sport Secs. My role includes holding training sessions, selecting teams, and organising trials for One Day Events. IMS is a great way to try out loads of different sports, whilst meeting people from your hall whether that be when spectating or taking part. Here at Rigg-Rut IMS is a massive part of hall life, we aim to get everyone involved whilst fielding a competitive team. If you’re interested, please drop any Sport Sec a message and we’ll be more than happy to help!
Grace Adams
Female Sport Sec
I’m Grace and I’m one of your female Sport Secs. IMS is a great opportunity to get involved and make friends with many in Rigg-Rut. My job is to organise and support a number of our IMS teams, so if you have any questions don’t be afraid to message me- I’d be happy to help. I loved representing Rigg-Rut last year as it was a great way to keep fit and have loads of fun, don’t be afraid to come down and have a go!
Sam Thorpe
Female Sport Sec
I'm Sam and I'm one of the Female Sport Secs in Rigg Rut. I organise female sports which included picking teams and organising training. IMS is a great way to get to know people so don't be afraid to get involved even if you haven't played before.
Ryan McIntyre
Hey, I'm Ryan and I'll be your treasurer this year. It's my job to look after the halls finances, collect hall subs, work out a budget and write lots of cheques. See you all in September!
Gaia Fazion
Social Sec
Hi, I’m Gaia and I’m one of your Social Secs. My role is to ensure that you will have the best time of your life, starting from an amazing Freshers week and moving on to Hall Balls, unforgettable punch parties, and many other events for you to join and love! I will provide Qjumps, connections with clubs in town and everything you need to have a memorable experience.
Dom Long
Social Sec
Hi I’m Dom and I’m one of your Social Secs. My Job is to organise hall events such as Fresher’s week and Punch parties to mention a few. I also act as a connection for you guys with the clubs in town, letting you know when big events are happening. Socials aren’t always about drinking so we also organise trips such as trampolining and ice-skating if that takes your fancy. We make sure your time in halls is as good as possible
Laura Pain
Rag Rep
I’m Laura and I’m one of your Rag reps. Rag is the part of the Union that’s dedicated to charity fundraising. Rag provides fun and worthwhile opportunities to make a difference to a whole range of different charities, going on Rag raids to cities all over the UK, international expeditions climbing mountains or dog-sledding, sky diving or organising a bake sale! We’ll always let you know how you can get involved with Rag within the hall and the Union, raising money for others and earning points for Rigg-Rut!
Jony Gilroy
Rag Rep
I'm Jony, one of your Rag Reps. Myself and Laura are here to help you get involved with charity events in Rigg-Rut and at the Union. We promote Union events such as the colour dash and put on Rag events in the hall, like the FIFA Tournament or Easter Egg hunt. We also help support you if you want to do fundraising events of your own!
Hannah McCleave
Media Rep
Hi, I’m Hannah and I’m one of your Media Reps. My role involves designing posters for events, taking photos, making videos and uploading them to our social media platforms for you to all to see and enjoy. Make sure you follow these so you’re always kept up to date with everything going on in Rigg-Rut! If you’d like to get involved in any part of Media here at Loughborough, drop one of us a message.
Jack Millington
Media rep
Hey guys, I'm Jack and along with hannah I look after the Media side of Hall Life. We'll be making Videos, Posters, Radio Shows, Photography among many other things (Even making the website you're looking at now!). Anyone is welcome to get involved at any time with no long term commitment so if you fancy having a go give either of us a shout. We're also a link to LSU media, so can advise and help if you want to get involved yourself with work at the Union, whether that be TV, Radio, Magazine/Publishing, Photography and so much more! Make sure to keep up to date with hall life via our social media! (links at the bottom and on the Rigg Rut Website)
Kimberley Dawson
FREEC/Welfare Rep
I’m Kimberley your FREEC Rep and Welfare Rep. FREEC stands for Food, Residential, Ethical, Environmental and Campus Watch. My role involves promoting recycling and reducing the amount of energy we use as a hall. It is also my responsibility to ensure everyone in the hall is having an enjoyable and stress free experience at university.
Josie Deedes
Action Rep
Hi, I’m Josie and I am one of your Action Reps. Action projects are volunteering your time to do projects in the local community; from projects like dog walking to apple picking. There are loads of different projects each week, both on and off campus. It’s a great way to meet new people and show your commitment to Rigg-Rut and the university!
Dan Walsh
Action Rep
Hey guys, I’m Dan, one of your Action Reps. Action is all about volunteering in the local community. We have weekly projects that vary from dog walking, gardening to helping the elderly with IT problems. It is a great chance to meet new people and do things you wouldn’t normally do as well as helping the Loughborough community. If you have any questions about Action, Rigg-Rut or general university life, don’t hesitate to ask me.
Livi Kite
Stash Rep
Hi I’m Livi and I’m your Stash rep. As Stash rep I will be designing all the stash for the hall which means the clothing that you will hopefully be buying. I will also be designing your fresher and refreshers t-shirts and merchandise. I’m always open for suggestions about stash, so drop me a message if you want to help make sure our hall looks the best!