Countdown to Freshers 2018


Congratulations if you successfully gained a place at Loughborough University!

You're now one step closer to having an amazing next few years and hopefully you've decided to come to Hazlerigg-Rutland which is a great decision that will enrich your university experience.

This page includes all of the information you should need to know in the run up to Freshers 2018. If you still have any other questions then please message us on our facebook page.

Extras To Bring For Freshers

  • Lots of fancy dress – Every night over Freshers will be fancy dressed themed ranging from festival to pride to beach. Join our freshers facebook group for updates on the full time table and what fancy dress to bring. REMEMBER: the bolder the outfit, the bigger the impression you will make!
  • Suit/Formal dress - The dress code for Freshers Ball is formal so don’t forget to bring something smart with you.
  • Party games - Bringing games to play during the day or at night during pres is always a winner for flat bonding.

What happens during freshers?

Move In Day - Rigg-Rut's Move In Day is Wednesday 26th September and runs throughout the day. You book a move in slot through the accommodation website and when you arrive on the day we have a team of Fresher Helpers, they will be at the front of Rigg-Rut to help you get your ID card, key and move you in. Once you’re all settled in you can come down to the Granby, our common room in the centre of halls, to find out more about hall life and what’s happening during freshers. 

Freshers will run from Wednesday 26th September to Sunday 7th October. There will be something planned every night with a couple of day trips as well so you will be able to get to know your flatmates and other people in the hall. The timetable for LSU events should be released towards the start of September (date to be confirmed).

The main highlights during freshers are:

  • The Sing Off - A chant off between halls on the first Sunday
  • Freshers Ball -A ball at the Union held at the end of Freshers with surprise famous performers, rides, stalls and a lot more.
  • LSU Day Events - Many fun events including Raveminton, Roller-Disco, UV Volleyball and more.

Take a look at our Move In Day Video to see what it's like!

Things To Pay For Before You Arrive

  • Hall subs – Compulsory – Fee that pays for events throughout the year including Summer Ball, sports events and trips throughout the year. There are 3 Types:
  1. Freshers Subs £125 – This fee is for 1st Years living in Rigg Rut in 2018-19. This gives you access to all the priviliges of the Returners Subs but also includes your Freshers Week Ticket! This pays for your events which you do within hall within freshers week only (which will become a massive part of your Loughborough experience). You need this to get involved with the activities going on in Hall during the two weeks of freshers such as entries and travel to clubs, bowling, town tours, day trips away, punch parties and more. You’ll get a wristband, a freshers pack and a T-shirt which lets us know you’ve bought it, and you’ll get to meet all the people you’ll be spending the next year living with!
  2. Returners Subs £46 - Hall fees which 2nd, 3rd, 4th years in hall need to pay. These are paid at the beginning of the year to subsidise all hall activities throughout the whole year (e.g socials and IMS (Inter-Hall Sport) matches/practices!), maintenance of the common room and a whole lot more. You need to pay these when you move into hall other wise you won’t be able to do anything within Hall, as you won't be registered as a Hall member. Don't worry, returners and committee pay subs too. 
  3. Affiliate subs £10.50 - These are for students that live in town and still want to be part of the Rigg-Rut family. It is only £10 and includes a free 'Rigg-Rut in Town' top. If you are living in town for the year but still wish to be part of the hall and get involved in activities such as IMS then you will need to pay for this.
  • Room bond – Compulsory – Basically your room deposit which is a refundable payment (as long as you leave your flat in a good condition) that you have to pay before you arrive.
  • Platinum Cards – Recommended– A payment made to LSU to give you free entry to all Union Night Events and give you drinks deals in the bars and additional loyalty Points. The cost is usually around £150 for Platinum and full details will be released on the LSU Website towards the beginning of September. While these are not compulsory to have they are highly recommended as they provide a large saving across the year even if you only plan on going out once or twice a week.

These can all be paid for on the LSU Website

Still Unsure? Watch our ‘What To Pay’ guide here:

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