Get Involved

There are so many ways to get involced with hall life in Rigg-Rut, whether that be through volunteering for Action, raising money for Rag, taking part in IMS events to represent the hall in sports, or even making content for media!


Action is the volunteer section of the Loughborough Students’ Union and our hall.

More information on the types of local and overseas volunteering opportunities we have to offer can be found on the LSU action page.

We have a large diversity of weekly volunteering projects that vary from dog walking, gardening, helping out at the horse riding school to assisting the elderly with IT problems. It’s a great way to meet new people and show your commitment to Rigg-Rut and the university!

As you accumulate volunteer hours throughout the year you will be rewarded when you hit bronze, silver and gold milestones.

If you have any questions about Action, Rigg-Rut or general university life, don’t hesitate to ask the Action Reps Jeremy and Maddy!


The IMS programme at loughborough is widely regarded as one of, if not the most successful and competitive inter-hall university sports programmes throughout the country. You'll soon get to know how much fun it can be to take part on behalf of our hall, with a wide range of sports offered through out the year. Trials/training sessions will be taking place throughout freshers for our ims teams, don't be shy, even if you've never played before, you might discover a hidden talent for a new sport. Along with these, we will also be hosting trials for One-Day-Events (ODE's) throughout the year, come along for a great time and a chance to try out some unorthodox sports (dodgeball, handball, wheelchair basketball etc). If you would like to get involved drop a message to our sport secs; George, Matt, Will or Chloe.


So, what do we actually do? Social media management (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Youtube), website management, photographing events (sober, sport, nights out and everything inbetween), filming and producing videos for events, promos (posters, social media hype, gifs, videos), radio shows and so much more!

It’s by far one of the most social roles within halls. We don’t care if you’ve never picked up a camera before, or you think you’re too shy to be on our radio show. With a media membership we can hire out camera equipment for you so you don't even need to own a camera! We absolutely love volunteers and will help you with anything you need, so let us know if you want to get involved. Check out our media volunteers page.

If you’re interested in getting stuck into big events (and want to earn a bit of cash), the union are always looking for crew members and photographers, as well as getting involved with projects such as Match Report and other programmes that the Union Media Team run. It’s an incredible experience and the one we feel has the most fun. If you have any questions, drop one of us a message!

Message Emma or James to get involved with media love.


Rag is responsible for fundraising events at Loughborough no matter how big or small. Whether you want to flaunt your baking skills in a cake sale or do an international sign up and ride to Paris, there’s always something to do for charity!

Your Rag Reps will run fundraising events in hall throughout the year but are always wanting new ideas to raise money and you can help run these events. They will also promote Union-run events such as the Colour Dashes, Hunger Games and beer festival to name a few.

Signing up to an international event is one of the best ways to easily take part in a once in a lifetime opportunity. The Choose a Challenge event during Freshers will help you find out more about the wealth of choices there are, including:

Mount Kilimanjaro Trek, Everest Basecamp Trek, Skydive, Dash to Dubrovnik, London to Paris Ride, Athens Marathon And many more.

If you want to get involved in any way or have any questions speak to your Rag Reps Callum and Amir!


Stash is all about creating the best clothing for our hall members to walk around in and look awesome. The stash rep is responsible for designing and sourcing companies that produce the clothes for the members in our hall. Hannah can always use a hand whether that's in designing the clothes or dealing with orders, anyone can get involved. We have also previously had Christmas jumper competitions which involve the whole university, not just between our hall which is another great way to get involved. It's so rewarding seeing people walking around in your designs and really makes you feel like you've contributed to the awesome life of people in Rigg-Rut.

If you have any fresh designs or ideas for merchandise give Lily a message.


Rigg-Rut has a strong tradition in keeping touch with its alumni. The biggest part of the calendar is the alumni weekend. This usually includes a formal dinner and sporting events along with a punch party. Alumni are always welcome at hall balls and punch parties throughout the year. We encourage alumni to talk to committee members if they are interested in finding out current hall information.

Contact Ollie if you're interested in getting involved with any part of Rigg-Rut Alumni!