Hall Warden

Every hall at Loughborough has a Warden, they are there to provide support and guidance during your time in Halls, as well as providing a link to the University team. Below is a message from our Warden Paul Leaney introducing himself

“My name is Paul Leaney and is often captured by the students as just ‘Leaney’ as a compromise between formality and informality, but I am also happy with you using my name Paul. As warden I am responsible to the University Chief Operating Officer for the administration, discipline and good order, health, safety and welfare of all student residents of the hall. Like other wardens I also have an academic post in the university. I work in the Wolfson School of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering. I live in a house on Ashby Road called Woodbury Lodge at 217 Ashby Road, with my wife Marie and four boys – although some of my boys are now at University. To assist me at Hazlerigg-Rutland Hall (ie Rigg-Rut) are a team of four subwardens – see elsewhere in this website. Subwardens are an integral part of the hall community, they live in hall and man a subwarden rota covering evenings and weekends. Together we make up the ‘warden team’ and we are there to help you – so do contact us about anything, anytime. The subwardens also help me look after the postgraduate hall of residence next door to ‘Rigg-Rut’ called John Phillips or ‘JP’ of which I am also warden.

Rigg-Rut has a heritage that goes back to 1932 but we have recently (since 2008) moved into new buildings. The buildings are owned by a company called UPP but the domestic arrangements (eg cleaners and hall manager) are run by the residential organisation of the University which is called Campus Living. Campus Living run both the VillagePark Hub reception (which is on site and remains open all hours during term time) and the central Student Accommodation Centre (SAC) which administer hall applications and all accommodation contracts on behalf of the University. As warden I need to work very closely with Campus Living and I am in constant contact with SAC over matters of accommodation and student welfare.

Rigg-Rut is somewhere you do or will regard as home . It should be a place to work, relax, enjoy the hall facilities and the company of others. For many of you new to the hall this will be your first experience of communal life. The hall student committee organise a lot on behalf of the hall community and the budget comes from hall subscriptions that all hall members are required to pay for being part of the hall community. Hall life can be fun but also requires taking on some new responsibilities. In essence these are quite simply having consideration for others and respect for property. There are numerous ways of involving yourself in the social and recreational life of the hall and many of these revolve around the opportunities for both work and play that make it potentially one of the most rewarding periods of your life. You should strive to find a balance between these two aspects of university life. Remember that opportunities do not really exist unless they are both seen and taken. It is up to you to make the most of it. For those new to hall – welcome to Rigg-Rut and I wish you all the best for your time at Loughborough. Should you have any need to contact me, please email me at P.G.Leaney@lboro.ac.uk.”

There is also a team of subwardens to assist Paul and provide support during your time in Rigg-Rut.
Not only are they great people, they also have some great achievements to show! Emma has won Subwarden of the year, Amina was a highly commended new volunteer in the action awards as well as getting a highly commended award for community contribution at the Postgraduate awards, and Katie represented the University in University Challenge on the BBC!

Emma Blundell
Hey guys! My name is Emma and I am the longest serving subbie for Rigg-Rut! My PhD and research at Loughborough is in Chemistry. I am very sporty and the current chair of the Trampoline club at Loughborough (Cheeky bit of recruitment: if you're interested in having a bounce get in touch). My role as a subwarden is to help you feel safe, comfortable and welcomed into university halls as well as someone who you can talk to if you are unsure about anything at all. You're joining an exceptional hall and I can't wait to meet you all in September. Rigg-Rut love, Emma
Amina Hamoud
I'm Amina Hamoud, originally from Mauritania, 3rd year PhD in the Wolfson School of Mechanical, Electrical and Manufacturing department. I work with the Advanced virtual Engineering research group. My role as a subwarden is to help and assist students in any situation given - being encouraging, being their friend and advising them as much as i can. I was an undergrad and still a student (not quite mature yet tho) so I can relate to anything. I also work to make sure they have the best Loughborough experience they can have, be happy and have a laugh! P.S. I smile all the time so join Rigg-Rut and smile at life with me.
James Smith
I’m James, a PhD student in ‘Additive Manufacturing’ more commonly known as 3D Printing but also a sub-warden of Hazlerigg-Rutand Hall (the best student accommodation on campus). My role is to ensure that each student has the best experience possible in both halls and at the University itself. Any questions, queries or problems (as small as they may seem), myself and the rest of the team are here to help. I wish you all the best and hope to see you in Hazlerigg-Rutland Hall!
Katie Spalding
Hi! My name is Katie and I am a third-year PhD student in the Maths department. I live in the subwarden flat in JP-B – it’s one building further than Rigg-Rut block D (and possibly has a black cat sitting outside). I am here to help with any problem you have during your time in Rigg-Rut, so feel free to get in touch – I can pretty much guarantee there won’t be anything too big, small or strange to come to us with! I was an undergrad at Loughborough so I’ve been exactly where you are now. I know it can be a bit scary, but I promise it can also be the best time of your life. I look forward to meeting you all and helping you enjoy your time in (the best) halls!