Alpaca Action!

This week, a group of animal lovers traveled to a local alpaca farm. Whist there, we got to see some really cute baby alpacas and help the farmer by chopping down the surrounding hedges. With saws and shears, our team did a fantastic job at making the bushes safer for the animals which was hugely appreciated by the farmer! After our hard work, we were able to spend some quality time with the alpacas including feeding them and taking selfies (well, attempting to). Not only was this a fun afternoon in the sunshine with some adorable animals, but we did some fantastic work to help the community.

Getting involved in action is a fantastic way to have some sober fun, get to know people in your hall, and ultimately do some work in Loughborough which everyone is grateful for. As an added bonus, volunteering also looks really good on your CV so definitely worth a few hours on a Wednesday afternoon!

Ellie – Action Rep