Summer Ball 16

A perfect way to round off a great year by going to Goosedale Hall in Nottingham for a night of drinks, awards, and a lot of dancing. Everyone would agree that this was by far one of the stand out events of the year. Check out the video for more.


Alumni & Affiliates Weekend

Alumni & Affiliates Weekend was put together for Rigg Rut’s placement students, affiliates, alumni, international students and returners to enjoy a variety of hall events. As Rigg Rut’s PAAIR Rep, I worked closely with alumnus Jack Needham to let our students of these sections know that they can still always get involved with hall life!

The first event was a Brazilian-themed Punch Party, inviting everyone for international pre-drinks and drinking games in our common room before FND at the Students Union. On Saturday 30th April, the weekend officially kicked off (literally) with a hilarious football match between students currently living in Rigg Rut and those that used to. Later that evening, a delicious High Table, drinks reception,  and meal were enjoyed by our alumni & affiliates in the old Hazlerigg building. This gave the chance for many to formally catch up with each other, including two graduates who were members of the hall when it was Hazlerigg and Rutland separately! The weekend ended with everyone playing beach volleyball on a relaxed but not-so-sunny Sunday afternoon.

We were pleased to find out that the vast amount of people arriving to our events and level of commitment shown, even after leaving Rigg Rut, had heavily contributed towards us winning Alumni Hall of the Year 2016! All in all, the weekend was a huge success and enjoyed by many!


Aizaz – PAAIR Rep