Rigg Rut’s “What To Pay” Guide

Feel confused about what you HAVE to pay for and what you CAN pay for in the run up to Freshers? Well here’s a video of our Treasurer, Liam, to try and explain it all for you.

In addition to these, you may have heard about a Platinum/Gold card scheme which is ran by the Union. These are in addition to our halls fees and will be explained further on  31st August during the Union’s Live Fresher Reveal.


Why I Love Loughborough

What do I love about Loughborough?

When anybody asks me why I am so happy at Loughborough, and in particular Rigg-Rut, it’s hard to sum it up! Loughborough is really renowned for its opportunities and student experience: whether you’re a social butterfly found nightly in our amazing Union, or have a passion for helping others, there is something for you here. You can get involved with anything from our fantastic Hall RAG events, to foreign charity trips to the likes of Kilimanjaro… volunteer in our lovely community with our Action Reps, join the endless expanse of student run societies (everything from Disney to Dodgeball!), take part in our wonderful Rigg-Rut IMS teams or AU Sports- the list is honestly endless.

Loughborough is the one place that you can be assured to end your university career a happier, truly fulfilled person!

Jess – Hall Chair