Aizaz Hussain- Your New Hall Chair

Words can’t describe how it feels to be newly elected as the Hazlerigg-Rutland Hall Chairman. Growing up with people from different backgrounds and cultures and in an area where people aren’t very well-off, I learnt to be as compassionate and empathetic towards others as I possibly could. So when I moved from my ends in London to halls in Loughborough University, I instantly knew I wanted to continue sharing the same love to everyone I’d meet.

Little did I know that Rigg-Rut, the smallest hall of accommodation on campus that I chose to live in, would provide me with best opportunities of my life. The opportunity to live with the then Hall Chair Jonathan Ako and be shown the ropes of uni life first-hand. The opportunity to work as Vice Chair for the hall and support the next Hall Chair Jessica Metson through the recent Freshers. The opportunity to take over from Jess and receive advice from herself, Jon and even his predecessor George Hones, carrying on their legacy and at the same time providing something new to this next generation of freshers. I have big plans for the future of our hall. For example, as a starting point and with the help of my incredible and strong new committee, I intend to revamp The Granby so it reaches its full potential. This phenomenal common room of ours is well known for hosting night-time socials and our notorious Punch Parties on campus, but not as many students have spent as much time there as I would have thought to see during the day. To improve it, I will invest in many facilities such as a new pool table, video games console, speakers, equipment for table tennis and darts so The Granby finally feels like a common room for everyone to hang out in. I used to be quite an introverted kid myself so I know what it feels like for those members in Rigg-Rut who don’t necessarily want to party there but want to enjoy The Granby in a rather relaxed setting.

Inclusivity is extremely important so if we can provide such an environment that increases common room usage for more types of personalities, then hopefully it’ll be a step in many towards enhancing their university experience and spreading happiness amongst them one smile at a time. I believe there is nothing more important in life than making everyone else feel happy, welcome and cared for, especially in a small community known as the Rigg-Rut family, and so I hope to help achieve that for the next year as your Hall Chair 2017 – 2018.

Aiz (Hall Chair 2017)


Rigg-Rut Loves Dog Walking

Dog walking is one of Rigg-Rut’s favourite action projects and usually fills up very fast due to its popularity. Typically, we take 12 volunteers to walk dogs from a local kennels, College Garth Kennels, for a few hours on a Wednesday afternoon. The kennels only let us walk the friendly dogs, but often they’re quite strong (especially the huskies) which is why we have to walk in pairs, with each pair a few metres apart.

The kennels work with local councils to reunite and rehome stray dogs; therefore by walking these dogs they are able to become more socialised and hopefully more likely to be rehomed. This project has such a positive impact on the local area as it allows for College Garth to rehome more dogs.

So do your part and help Rigg-Rut achieve more points as a hall, but also have a study break and enjoy walking some doggos.

Josie (Action Rep)


Refreshers 2017

Boat Party, Punch Party, IMS games, Nottingham night out...it's Refreshers time!

Right at the end of semester 1, where pressure from exams is relieved and the need for celebrating it's at its highest, Rigg-Rut brought back the spirit of the amazing, unforgettable, unbelievable Freshers Week!

We really couldn't leave back the joy of Freshers so we brought it back in the scene in grand Rigg-Rut stile. An all-boys and all-girls day event started Refreshers off to then move on to one of the biggest Punch Parties of the year. It then carried on with DBE, netball and bingo night over the weekend, to the finish off with a great night out in Nottingham. Rigg-Rut was then ready to start the new semester, and make it as memorable as it could only be.

Gaia (Social Sec)