Rigg Rut’s “What To Pay” Guide

Feel confused about what you HAVE to pay for and what you CAN pay for in the run up to Freshers? Well here’s a video of our Treasurer, Liam, to try and explain it all for you.

In addition to these, you may have heard about a Platinum/Gold card scheme which is ran by the Union. These are in addition to our halls fees and will be explained further on  31st August during the Union’s Live Fresher Reveal.

Why I Love Loughborough

What do I love about Loughborough?

When anybody asks me why I am so happy at Loughborough, and in particular Rigg-Rut, it’s hard to sum it up! Loughborough is really renowned for its opportunities and student experience: whether you’re a social butterfly found nightly in our amazing Union, or have a passion for helping others, there is something for you here. You can get involved with anything from our fantastic Hall RAG events, to foreign charity trips to the likes of Kilimanjaro… volunteer in our lovely community with our Action Reps, join the endless expanse of student run societies (everything from Disney to Dodgeball!), take part in our wonderful Rigg-Rut IMS teams or AU Sports- the list is honestly endless.

Loughborough is the one place that you can be assured to end your university career a happier, truly fulfilled person!

Jess – Hall Chair

Summer Ball 16

A perfect way to round off a great year by going to Goosedale Hall in Nottingham for a night of drinks, awards, and a lot of dancing. Everyone would agree that this was by far one of the stand out events of the year. Check out the video for more.

Alumni & Affiliates Weekend

Alumni & Affiliates Weekend was put together for Rigg Rut’s placement students, affiliates, alumni, international students and returners to enjoy a variety of hall events. As Rigg Rut’s PAAIR Rep, I worked closely with alumnus Jack Needham to let our students of these sections know that they can still always get involved with hall life!

The first event was a Brazilian-themed Punch Party, inviting everyone for international pre-drinks and drinking games in our common room before FND at the Students Union. On Saturday 30th April, the weekend officially kicked off (literally) with a hilarious football match between students currently living in Rigg Rut and those that used to. Later that evening, a delicious High Table, drinks reception,  and meal were enjoyed by our alumni & affiliates in the old Hazlerigg building. This gave the chance for many to formally catch up with each other, including two graduates who were members of the hall when it was Hazlerigg and Rutland separately! The weekend ended with everyone playing beach volleyball on a relaxed but not-so-sunny Sunday afternoon.

We were pleased to find out that the vast amount of people arriving to our events and level of commitment shown, even after leaving Rigg Rut, had heavily contributed towards us winning Alumni Hall of the Year 2016! All in all, the weekend was a huge success and enjoyed by many!


Aizaz – PAAIR Rep

Alpaca Action!

This week, a group of animal lovers traveled to a local alpaca farm. Whist there, we got to see some really cute baby alpacas and help the farmer by chopping down the surrounding hedges. With saws and shears, our team did a fantastic job at making the bushes safer for the animals which was hugely appreciated by the farmer! After our hard work, we were able to spend some quality time with the alpacas including feeding them and taking selfies (well, attempting to). Not only was this a fun afternoon in the sunshine with some adorable animals, but we did some fantastic work to help the community.

Getting involved in action is a fantastic way to have some sober fun, get to know people in your hall, and ultimately do some work in Loughborough which everyone is grateful for. As an added bonus, volunteering also looks really good on your CV so definitely worth a few hours on a Wednesday afternoon!

Ellie – Action Rep

Valentines Day Roses

This year for Valentines Day, our very own Aizaz Hussain dressed up and played Cupid! As a Rag event to raise money for charity, the hall sold roses for valentines day with the added bonus of an anonymous delivery service. We raised loads of money and put smiles on a lot of faces. Check out how Aizaz got on.

Welfare & Diversity Week 2016

Hazlerigg Rutland’s Welfare and Diversity week was put on in order to incorporate many of the key campaigns and sections within Welfare and Diversity, helping to promote these areas and make sure that everybody was aware of what was available to them and who to contact if they were in need of anything.

On the Monday I put on a sober event in our Hall’s common room to not only promote making better decisions and a healthier lifestyle, but to get everyone together to discuss different cultures and chill out together. We watched mean girls because it’s bangin’. There was a large turnout and the cultural snacks that I bought went down well. Additionally, many people who don’t usually come to punch parties or pre drinks came down, which showed that the event helped to incorporate all people into hall life and ensured everybody could be included.

Tuesday I sold cakes around Hall, which raised money for the LGBT foundation. As well as this I did a sweet jar to raise money for MIND. Each day I shared links associated to the relevant Welfare Facebook groups to encourage more people to be involved in everything welfare has to offer.

On the Wednesday we had a smoothie morning to promote healthy eating. With this I also tied in my role as FREEC Rep to promote not letting food go to waste. The event was successful and plenty of people came down. In the evening we put on Yoga Night with the Ex Hall Chair, Jon Ako, as our guru. Around 20 people came down and enjoyed the evening, which aimed to keep people calm and relieve stress.

On Thursday we had our sober evening to Planet Bounce in Nottingham. The event was focused on making better decisions and choosing alternatives to going out drinking but to also do some physical activity instead! The event was successful and many people said they enjoyed themselves. We felt this was important to put on in order to involve as many people from Hall as possible, even those that weren’t interested in nights out that quite often involve alcohol. Due to the success of this the Hall are planning more events like this for the near future.

On the Friday the focus was on knowing the line and sexual health. This is an important issue involving young people. I set up my laptop during pre drinks so people could order online chlamydia tests. With this I also gave out leaflets and free condoms to those who needed them; people said this was helpful as they didn’t necessarily know where to go for free information or condoms.

Overall the week was a success and got many members of Hall involved, as well as informing people about all the things Welfare and Diversity has to offer.

Katrina – FREEC and Welfare Rep

Winter Ball 15

On the 4th December Rigg Rut hosted their annual Winter Ball with this year taking place at Empire Hall in Leicester. The theme for the evening was Masquerade and was a particularly classy night for all to enjoy. Check out the video below for an overview!