The Rigg Rut Revolution

Now that everyone has just about recovered from an amazing two weeks of Freshers, here is this years Rigg Rut Freshers video to remind you of the highlights of an unforgettable fortnight.

Photos from all the Rigg Rut events over Freshers, including bowling, Sing Off, and Freshers Ball can be found here.

Freshers Preparations

Who’s excited for move in day? I know we are! Today we’ve been sorting out all of your fresher packs, tshirts, and freebies that you’ll get upon arrival at Rigg Rut. Check out this video for more

Sport Explained

Loughborough – The Greatest Sporting University in the Country
As I’m sure you’re all aware Loughborough University has a reputation as the greatest sporting university in the country. With a 35 year unbeaten run in BUCS and facilities that rival many top American institutions its easy to see why.

Many of you may have based your decision to come here on this reputation, however you do not need to be on track to be the next Olympic champion in order to get the most out of Loughborough Sport, as there is something for everyone.

AU Sport
This is the section of sport in Loughborough for people who are at the top of their game. There are 55 AU clubs including indoor, outdoor, water based, racket and combat sports with many of these teams training multiple times a week. If you’re part of AU sport you’ll more than likely be competing in BUCS competitions bringing home valuable points to get Loughborough a record 36th overall BUCS title. It’s not all serious in AU sport as some clubs are famous for having big socials on a Wednesday night after a hard day of competing.

There will be a Sports Bazaar on Saturday 3rd October where you can find out more information, talk to the teams and also find out when the trials dates/taster sessions are.

For more information on these clubs click here.

IMS Sport
IMS is weekly sport that takes place between all halls on campus; it involves less commitment than AU sport, as there aren’t normally any training sessions, but can be equally as competitive! You wouldn’t expect Rigg-Rut to be very good at IMS due to our small size but we more than hold our own. We finished 5th overall last year out of the 16 competing halls and hope to better that this year with the help of you guys. There is an array of sports within the IMS programme from the normal Football and Netball to more obscure sports like Ultimate Frisbee and Tug of War, which are a great laugh to take part in.

There will be loads of taster sessions held throughout fresher’s week so we urge you to come along and take part no matter what your ability is. Also feel free to talk to your Sport Secs (Alex, Jess, Katherine or Myself) if you have any other questions that need answering.

My Lifestyle
If competitive sport is not your scene and you just want to have a laugh whilst doing some sort of sport/physical activity then you need to check out My Lifestyle. It offers an array of free sessions to people who just want to go and do some social sport, there is no commitment you just turn up and play and make the most of the facilities on offer.

If you’ve had a stressful day and want to try these out but have no one to go with feel free to get in touch with the Sport Secs and we’ll try our best to find someone or if you’re lucky we might even come down with you ourselves.

Check out the timetable of what’s happening each night!

Coaching and Volunteering Academy
Loughborough University also offers a very successful Coaching and Volunteering Academy. If you see a career in Coaching, Event Management, and Performance Analysis amongst other things then you definitely need to check this out. The academy offers recognised qualifications and CPD sessions, either free of charge or at a significantly reduced rate, in return for a few hours of your time helping out volunteering/coaching. It is a great CV booster and gives you opportunities like no other if you pursue a career in sport.

There will be load of information given out for this during your fresher’s week but if you want to know more already then click here.

Sport in Loughborough does not end there; two world-class gyms including some free facilities, alongside inter-departmental and societies sport means there really is something for everyone!

Alastair – Ex Male Sports Sec

Rag China Trek

This Summer I and some like-minded friends from Rigg-Rut, walked the Great Wall of China in aid of Dementia . As you may know this is a wonderful charity that does a fantastic amount of work in not only supporting the sufferers but also the families affected by this rehabilitating mental illness.

The trek itself was around 120 miles long across different segments of the wall. To reach the Wall we trekked through dense Jungle areas and once on the wall we made our way across it taking in a number of spectacular views as you can see from my pictures. We finished our trip up in Beijing where I then went around for 2 days exploring the deeply historic city. We had a fantastic time on the trip which pushed us all physically and mentally but in the end was a worthwhile experience that will never be forgotten. China is an amazing country and to experience its culture food and history for two weeks makes me feel very lucky.

We wouldn’t have been able to do this trip without the great support of Loughborough University Rag department, it is a great way to get involved with the University and contributes an extremely large amount of money towards are halls total. This year we had 5 who completed the trip from Rigg-Rut raising over £15,00.

For anyone trying to get involved with trips I highly recommend this or one of the similar trips available to sign up to during fresher’s, the money is a lot easier to raise then you would think due to the support and we really had an incredible time with so many memories. For any questions message me, Jenni Cox, Billy Searle, Charlotte Deal or George Hones.

Alex – Ex Stash Rep


Lost With Maada

For raising £100 and paying £30 to partake in this opportunity, this was possibly one of the most outrageous things I’ve done. You literally jump on a bus, wear a blindfold and it takes you to wherever it wants. Like I could have been joining ISIS for all I knew. Thankfully they just take you to a location 100 miles away from Loughborough and leave you with no money or phone to get back… Reconsidering joining ISIS now?

Anyway it was full of adventure and I can tell this to my grand kids about how I got a ride from the Police, walked up a motorway and enlightened traffic with my beautiful sign and lovely bright yellow t-shirt which read, “If Found, PLEASE return to LUFBRA”. How ‘Lufbra’ knew they would be losing such an excellent gem in myself. On the trip you get to meet new people and also go complete challenges to help boost your group up the table. Think we completed 8 challenges and it was pretty good.

By the end we were allowed on to a train and got free travel all the way back to Loughborough and also a free bus ride to the campus (Bless that kind bus lady, despite she cost us 2 minutes asking all about the experience and what not). We came back just in time for the glorious moment of when the Rigg-Rut ‘Lads’ finished ‘9×9’ and just left the Granby to go Varsity. I will never get the picture of George Hones in his Nan’s garms out of my head. My group was named ‘Tania Hawkes Mad CREW’ with it consisting of Tania Ananthakumar, Sophie Botham and myself with Sophie Hawkes original supposed to be a part but unfortunate clashes came about.

Maada – Ex Social Sec

Tips To Bear In Mind

Making friends is daunting, but shouldn’t be.
Whether you are confident or introverted, coming to live in a completely new environment is frightening- not to mention leaving your friends and family behind. It’s scary, and we all feel it. Possibly the most crucial thing to remember, at university in particular, is that making friends will happen without you even noticing.
Amongst a sea of newcomers and endless waves of introductions, you will no doubt come across people with the same likes as you, causes for laughter and find within yourself a surprisingly natural capacity to make friends. Whether this comes over days, weeks or months, it’s key to remember that as long as you explore, speak and smile, it’s quite impossible not to meet a few new pals for life at university.

University culture is not something to be pressured by.
It’s everywhere, it’s unavoidable, and the hangovers are dreadful. Alcohol and nights out at uni are traditionally a large part of (at least) your freshers year. But never be afraid to say no. Peer pressure and the desire to fit in may see many pints downed and jägerbombs bought, yet this should only be if you’re comfortable doing so.
If you aren’t wanting to go out for the third night in a row, it’s ok. If all around you people are joining societies and clubs, it’s ok. As long as you are happy doing your own thing at uni, there’s no need to force yourself into different things just because you think you’re ‘missing out’. A vital part of university is figuring out who you are and what you really enjoy, so whereas it’s great to try new things and get involved, you should never feel forced to do things you don’t want to do.

It takes a while to settle in, so don’t worry if you’re still feeling a little sheepish.
I will be the first to admit that I was terrified to move away from my home and friends. It was tough and I’ve never been very good with change. True, the hall is so friendly and accommodating that it almost seems silly to take so long to feel at home… but it does take time.
A mixture of new friends, a new lifestyle and a new education system can really hit you hard, and sudden. After a month or so, I really did feel myself doubting my new uni life, but that’s normal and everybody is different in the way that they adjust and settle in.
If you’re struggling with your course, keep going: don’t be afraid to ask your mentor about changing, it’s not being difficult because the most important thing is that you enjoy yourself. If you’re still having trouble making close friends, don’t stress, because you will meet new people every day and sooner or later you will find people that truly feel as though you’ve known them for 10 years, immediately. If you’re homesick, it’s nothing to be embarrassed about. Call home. Look at pictures. It’s natural, and a little motivation from your parents can help you get your head down (and help you remember to change the bed sheets!).

Jess – Ex Sports Sec

The University Experience

The experience you have at uni is something you shape and define for yourself. It’s easy to sit around, make excuses and be afraid to try new things, especially when it goes against the label of what you were known by back in college or sixth form. In fact it probably gives you more reason not to try new things. But uni is that fresh chance where you can redefine yourself for the better.

For example, take sport. Back at school I was definitely not one to get involved in sports, to be honest I was just that girl who knew nothing about sport and couldn’t catch a ball properly. Despite not being a sporty person back then, I decided to still get involved in sports (even if it meant that people had to shout out the rules from the side line whilst I played as I barely knew the rules). Sometimes you never know you could actually be good at something new if you tried. Of course, playing a sport isn’t the only thing you can try out.

There’s a range of other new things to try out from volunteering, to leading your own campaign or raising money for charity. Whatever you fancy trying, pretty sure Loughborough has got you sorted. University is supposed to be the best years of your life, but sometimes it might not feel that way. Settling into university can be overwhelming for some, especially when you’re used to your own home comforts (of course this isn’t the case for all, some of you will love all that freedom you get being away from home). Coming to uni, you suddenly have to grow up and have to actually do things for yourself. From having to cook for yourself to paying bills, it was definitely a step up from living at home (unless your mum is real nice and brings you food from home every week).

Sometimes settling in doesn’t come naturally to everyone, in fact it can take some time, but it does get better. It took me ages to settle in, despite having an older sibling at uni with me. But I can assure you, it’s all part of that uni experience and you’re not alone in what you face. Even when you’re surrounded by so many people, you can still feel lonely and you can begin to miss home. If you do feel this way, I would recommend talking to someone as bottling things up can only make matters worse.

There is a lot of help available (more than you think) and since everyone is in the same boat, you’d be surprised at how many other people are feeling just like you. Talking it out can help you feel better about the situation and the struggles you may be facing at uni. Just knowing someone feels the same way can help. The struggles you face today is developing the strength you need for tomorrow, so always remember whatever you may be dealing with at uni is only helping you grow for the better. If you ever feel you are struggling with anything, speak to your personal tutor. They’re not only there to help you with your academic life but also are with you for the rest of your time at Loughborough and so want to help you as much as they can. If not, definitely talk to someone you trust, whether it’s a flatmate, friend, family member or even feel free to drop myself a message. Sometimes I found that I needed to push myself out of my comfort zone as it can be easy to hide yourself in your room when things get tough.

By getting involved in hall life, from running for committee to getting involved with RAG (raising money for charity) to Action (volunteering projects) to IMS (hall sports), I kept myself occupied and that itself helped me settle in more. Taking every opportunity that came my way helped shape my first year for the better. Easy said than done to push yourself out there, but you’ll thank yourself for doing so. First year is the perfect time to get involved with everything and I can’t stress enough how much taking part in hall life changed my first year for the better. Take every opportunity and make the most from it. Be yourself and enjoy yourself every step of what is about to be the start of your very own uni experience.

Tania – Ex Vice Chair, AAIR & Welfare Rep

Things I’ve Learnt At Loughborough

You underestimate how much spare time you have.
Coming from school where I had to be in from 8:30-15:00 Monday to Friday you don’t realise how much spare time you have at uni. When most people have around only 20 hour weeks you have a lot of spare time compared to when you were in school. This is especially the case when you live on campus and lectures are less than a 15 minute walk from where you live. This gives you a lot of time to ignore doing work and watch Netflix but also get involved with as much as possible.

How easy it is to make friends for life.
When you’re going to uni you don’t realise how close you will get to the people you meet on the first day. Unlike when you’re at home, your friends are around you literally 24/7 and everyone you know is always within walking distance from you. Relating to my point above, we have so much time at uni most of it is just talking in the kitchen or watching Jaime’s 15 minute meals if you have a TV (a great show but we never actually made anything from it). You get to learn so much about people in such a short space of time and become friends for life.

Loughborough is not north.
Loughborough is like the last kid picked for football, not wanted by either the north or south so it’s just classed as The Midlands. As I am from London I naively think that anything outside the M25 is classified as north. Coming to Loughborough I believed that I would meet so many people from the north. Oh how wrong was I as most of the people here are from Southern England, though there is a strong northern contingent at Loughborough.

Don’t be stressed about money in the first few weeks.
I came to uni thinking that I could budget from the first week. While it’s possible to, as you go along it becomes basically impossible in the first month or so. Between buying things that you didn’t realise you would need and the chaos that is freshers week, you don’t really fall into a routine until late October. My advice is don’t worry too much about how much you’re spending in the first few weeks and focus on having a good time. If you are low on cash there are lots of jobs available in Loughborough.

The return of the importance Facebook.
I’m not the most up to date person when it comes to social media and when I was coming to uni I hardly used Facebook, however at Loughborough it’s hard to function without it. Whether it’s for group work, hall business or horrendous pictures from the night before, Facebook is always being used for one thing or another.There are many more things I could have put as uni is just one big learning curve. If you have any questions or problems don’t hesitate to either message me directly or message the hall page. You’re in for a great 3 years so enjoy it!

Ako – Ex Hall Chair

Freshers Reveal 2015

It’s that time that everyone has been waiting for! Over the past 25 days the countdown has been ticking down to the Rigg Rut Freshers Theme Reveal 2015. And here it is…

Getting Ready For Freshers 2015

The countdown is on! The Offical Rigg Rut Freshesr’s Theme 2015/16 will be announced on the 10th August. Dont miss out.
Be sure to like the Facebook Page to keep up-to-date!

Here’s an overview of Rigg Rut Freshers 2014 to give you a taste of what’s to come…