Rigg Rut Day 2015

17th June 2015 – With exams coming to an end for most of the hall, we’d definitely earnt a chilled day to kick back, have a few drinks and a good time so what better way to do that then Rigg Rut Day 2015! Our Stash Rep designed a set of Rigg Rut Day t-shirts so the entire hall looked the part and we looked bright and colourful to say the least. The whole day had been so well planned that there was something happening all day. We started the day with a Rigg Rut football match down at the Holywell pitches, A’s vs 1st’s, to see which team were the true victors. The result of that game differs depending on who you ask, but one thing for sure is that we all know who the easiest person to megs is…*cough* Alex Roberts *cough*. Afterwards, once the bouncy castle and gladiator fighting had been inflated, and the DBE DJ had set up, we lit the BBQ and the festivities begun! Music blaring in the courtyard, ice cream van distributing free ice creams, vodka slushies I think it’s fair to say everyone was having a good time. Luckily enough the weather was decent so the next activity was beach volleyball down on the Holywell sand courts. Split into teams, we spent the rest of the afternoon spiking, digging, volleying, and diving till we couldn’t take anymore. To round the day off, we had one of Rigg Ruts infamous Punch Parties with drinks and beer pong before heading off to the Union for Wednesday’s Hey Ewe.
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Summer Ball

10th May 2015 – We dusted off our finest clothes and suited up for a classy night out at Rigg Rut Summer Ball. Having managed to cram pretty much all of Rigg Rut onto one bendy bus, we headed off to Colwick Hall Nottingham where we were greeted with a champagne reception and some scenic photos by the fountain and lake. The evening consisted of a 3 course meal, table wine, and a lot of laughs! A funny awards ceremony took place where hall members who’d done memorable thing were awarded with certificates for their actions, then everyone took part in the Rigg Rut tradition that is taking of the wine. At the venue there were also casino tables (with fake money), a photo booth, and a well-used bar. So after a great night, quite a few drinks, and a lot of photos we piled back on the bus and headed back to Rigg Rut to continue the party!
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